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Student Media Board

The Office of Student Media Board is comprised of:

  • One administrator
  • Two faculty, and two alumni/professionals who are appointed by the Vice Chancellor of Student Life
  • Two students appointed by the Student Government Association president
  • Four ex-officio members including the current Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Beacon, current Managing Editor of The Daily Beacon, current Editor-in-Chief of Phoenix Literary Art Magazine, and the Director of Student Media



General Student Media Board responsibilities include:

Policies: Establish for student media editorial and management policies which reflect the intent of the Programs and Services Fee (e.g., coverage of as many and as great a variety of campus events and activities as possible and reasonable distribution of the media).

Program and Budget: Review annually in consultation with the director of student media, a media program and budget in accord with University fiscal and administrative policies.

Code of Ethics: Develop and enforce, in consultation with the director, a well-defined Code of Ethics, including a clear statement that prior censorship will not be exercised over student media, prohibition of vulgarity and obscenity, requirement of objectivity in news writing and emphasis on professional journalistic standards.

Selection and Removal of Editors and Managers: Establish procedures for selection, supervision, and removal of student editors. Policies for removal of editors shall be compatible with due process. In selecting editors, the board should seek candidates with experience, integrity and competence who understand and are committed to the Code of Ethics.

Review of Media: Review regularly all issues of student media and, with the director of student media, meet with student staff members for evaluation of media.

Private Interest and Support: Actively seek private interest in and support of the student media program.

Committees: Establish appropriate special and standing committees to carry out functions of the board.


Policy Guide


The general policy of all student media is to adhere to their stated purposes so that stability may be maintained for the benefit of all staffs, readers, and the general University community, in spite of regular changes in executive and staff positions.

The Student Media Board has the responsibility for screening candidates and choosing the appropriate candidate for:

For TheĀ Daily Beacon: Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor + Advertising Manager

For Phoenix Literary Arts Magazine: Editor-in-Chief

Editors may suspend any staff member: however, the suspended staff member has the right of appeal to the Student Media Board.

Student media exist to provide opportunities in journalistic training and experience on the basis of interest, ability, and responsibility.

Staff appointees must be in good academic standing with the university. Student media will not discriminate against race, gender, religion, or ethnic origin of individuals.