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Phoenix Literary Magazine

The Phoenix is published each semester during the regular school year. Its aims and purposes are:

  • To encourage and maintain a rising level of literacy and artistic creativity at the university.
  • To report and reflect trends pertinent to the cultural interests and relevant to the literary and artistic interests of the University community.
  • To give voice to all schools of thought in literature and the arts in the campus community.
  • To act in conjunction with the educational purposes of the university by maintaining and helping to maintain a rising level of intelligence, independent thinking, and cultural achievement.
  • The editor is responsible for seeing that a proper balance is maintained in the literary and artistic content of the magazine with respect to prose, poetry, art, and the serious or humorous nature in which such material is presented.

The Phoenix Literary Arts Magazine was founded in 1959. The magazine has a long history of displaying the current cultural trends of campus life at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.Phoenix logo

The Phoenix acts on a rolling deadline, meaning that submissions are always welcome. All UT undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, staff, and faculty are encouraged to submit their works of prose, poetry, and art. We also now accept submissions of original songs, instrumental material, band performances, monologues, choreography, short film, and other forms of media. Forms of media that are outside print capacity will be published on the Phoenix website.

Submissions and inquiries should be directed to Submissions are accepted in the following form and format: worktitle-artistname.doc, worktitle-artistname.jpg, and worktitle-artistname.mp3. All documents should be size 12 font and double-spaced. The title of the work should appear in the file name and the document itself, but the title of the author should only appear in the file name.